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Religion matters!

Et lands regering har brug for teologer, og de skal turde blande sig i debatten. Det mener Dr. Wim Janse, vicerektor og dekan på Vrije Universitet, Holland.

Theology in modern society

13.00            Opening by Nicolai Winther-Nielsen, FIUC-DK

13.15-14.00  Religion matters! Academic theology and the future of the public domain. V. Dr. Wim Janse.

14.15-15.00  Discussion

15.00-15.30 Coffee Break


15.30-17.00 WORKSHOPS

Prossor Wim Janse will participate in a discussion on how we in the Academy can develop educational projects that can help global students and institutions to improve the level of academic theology and its service for the global church. He will comment on potential ways of collaboration.

We will also have a few short presentations to introduce specific topics for discussion:

  • Alex and Mette Bjergbæk Karlsen: Capacity building for church leaders in challenged African churches.
  • Nicolai Winther-Nielsen: the Global Learning Initiative – how can we help?

Det er gratis at deltage.


Nicolai Winther-Nielsen
Teol.dr. professor of Hebrew Bible and Information and Communications Technology

Tlf.: +45 5134 7929
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Curriculum Vitae

Areas of competence

  • Hebrew Bible
  • Corpus-based language learning
  • Persuasive technology
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Role and Reference Grammar
  • Law in the Pentateuch
  • Joshua
  • Judges
  • Psalms


My research focuses on design of language learning for corpus-linguistic technology, using the database of the Hebrew Bible developed at the Eep Talstra Center for Bible and Computer at the VU University in Amsterdam. I have for a decade coordinated the development of Bible Online Learner. Since my dissertation I have worked with the functional linguistic theory of Role and Reference Grammar, applying the theory to Biblical Hebrew and exploring how a database can be used for interpretation of Biblical texts. I have been involved in translating books of the Hebrew Bible into Danish.

For 2020 I continue to develop course design for corpus-driven Biblical Hebrew and currently work on syntactic and discourse-pragmatic content for teaching and learning, and how to enhance Biblical interpretation through the Hebrew Bible. I also study online Hebrew learning performance. I am currently also exploring functional equivalence in relation to Bibelen 2020.

For research, I plan in 2021 to continue to work on the project Role and Reference Grammar for Biblical Hebrew (RRG-BH) at the Heinrich Heine Universität i Düsseldorf (https://treegrasp.phil.hhu.de/). PhD candidate Christian Canu Højgaard and I are building a unique collection of online sentences for machine learning and corpus grammar at https://rrg-bh.phil.hhu.de/editor/browse. We plan co-authoring a RRG presentation for Biblical Hebrew.


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