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FIUC-DK hosts international workshop in March 2018

International workshop for 23 prominent experts working on original-language and digital resources for Bible translation and education.

Organizers: Nicolai Winther-Nielsen and Reinier de Blois;
Advisors: Ulrik Sandborg Petersen and Jonathan Robie.

In March our college will host an international workshop for 23 prominent experts and young researchers working on original-language, digital resources that are created and made freely available for Bible translation and Education in Biblical languages. It is co-organized by the director of our Global Learning initiative, Professor Nicolai Winther-Nielsen and the Global ICAP Coordinator, Dr Reinier de Blois, from the United Bible Societies and the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

The workshop will bring people with diverse kinds of skills and knowledge together, in order to foster collaboration, share ideas, set directions, and pool resources. Through funding from Every Tribe Every Nation, programmers and researchers in translation and teaching technology will be able to collaborate on creating digital resources.

Our vision for the workshop in Copenhagen is that this will foster future work, improve collaboration, create new ideas for resources, and form new visions for how we can create and make freely available resources for Bible translation and/or education in Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek. In addition, the digital resources should be useful in a Bible translation context, or in an Education context, or both.

This goal is reflected in the common interests of the two groups who are behind the invitation to the workshop in Copenhagen. In order to fulfill their mission, United Bible Societies, Summer Institute of Linguistics and the almost hundred organisations working within the framework of Wycliffe Global Alliance as well as Global Learning Initiative depend on digital resources that are freely accessible.

Two important applications for translation and teaching of the Bible have Danish roots. The tool used by almost all Bible translators today, ParaTExt, is being developed by de Blois, and Dr Ulrik Sandborg Petersen from Aalborg is now involved in this work. He is making an important contribution to its development through his advanced database management system and query language, Emdros.

The other Danes are the developers of Bible Online Learner, Engineer Claus Tøndering and Nicolai Winther-Nielsen, who have worked for a decade on technology for education in language learning and text analysis.

Both tools use the database of the Hebrew Bible created by the Eep Talstra Center for Bible and Computer over the last four decades and prominent in research carried out at the FIUC-Dk.

The workshop is part of the efforts in these years to enhance translation and teaching through digital data and technology. This essential aspect of global mission is becoming increasingly important in our vision to provide better Bible translation and enhance theological education for the global church. Tomorrow’s leaders in the church often trained in translating the Word.